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Center of Creation

26-28/06/2019 |  by Eline Schellekens 

Inspired by Dolle Mina's banners with cries as "boss in her own belly" (1971), artist Eline Schellekens reflected on a world where the woman can create her own child-ren. In fact, the new IVG technique makes this possible in the future. The uterus, the epicenter of creation in the female body, still seems to be dependent. Through this technique women will get the creation of a child in their own hands. 
Will this cause overcrowding? What will the role of men be in society? Is there going to be a shift in gender roles? Does the woman perhaps become superior to the man because she is in control of her reproduction? All these questions have been essential in the process of creating the installation. 
By taking you on a journey to the epicenter of creation, the womb, Schellekens shows her vision through four futuristic scenarios as a result of women's independence, with a sculpture as a conversation piece. 

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