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23-26/05/2019 |  by Jard van Everdink and Daan Muller

Unstable is a duo-show by Jard van Everdink and Daan Muller, where they question the reliability of reality. Your sense of reality is strongly connected to spaces, places, and buildings around you.

You use them for orientation and confirm your place in the world. Stare too long at a building, though, and the walls start secretly moving, bricks appear and disappear. How can you rely on a reality that is so delicate?


Jard van Everdink makes videos and installations with her instinctive feeling as a starting point. She shows a surreal world that is uncannily attractive. In a poetic way, she questions the structure of reality by creating an alternative version.

Daan Muller’s fiction based installations explore the twilight zone between reality and unreality. His work often questions functionality, use, purpose and the value of society’s agreements on these subjects.

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